Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

The HITEC Institute enjoys a respectable position as a seat of learning amongst the reputed institutions of the world on account of its rich cultural heritage and accessible opportunities being provided to a multitude of our youth for attaining quality education at an affordable cost.

As Principal, I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of higher education and the inculcation of moral values in the students at HITEC-IMS Campus will continue in the future with greater zeal. Though challenges are great, difficulties are insurmountable; but my team of TOUGHERS WILL GET GOING, there is no peak which they can’t put a flag on In Sha Allah. Our motto is to climb the higher ladders. I feel a great pleasure to welcome you at HITEC-IMS. I am glad that for your higher education and professional growth you have selected HITEC-IMS, which is a learning-oriented, challenging, and rewarding center of excellence. I believe that you will have your dreams of academic eminence come true at HITEC-IMS and always cherish your decision of joining this institution as one of the best decisions of your life. HITEC-IMS challenges students to reach their highest level of achievement and gives every student opportunities to apply their learning to our distinctive natural and cultural environment. All faculty members make themselves available for counseling and guidance to the students and through their quick feedback and speedy announcements of results, a fast track modular system of education becomes a thrilling educational and learning experience for young minds.

“My Lord! Bestow Hikma on me, and join me with the righteous.” (Ayah – 83, Surah Ash-Shua’ra)

Maj. Gen(R) Hamid Shafiq